7 Ways on How to Stay Healthy During Your Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is probably one of the best life-changing events that can ever happen to any mom. It’s an amazing experience that will help you grow both mentally and emotionally at the same time. However, both you and your baby are at a very delicate stage during your prenatal period. You’re not only taking care of yourself now but your child’s health as well. Taking care of your body can definitely help ensure that you go through your pregnancy with ease. Here are some of the tips that you might want to consider to stay healthy during your prenatal period!

Start Learning More about Pregnancy

Having a baby, especially a first one, can make you feel completely lost. That’s why it’s greatly advisable to attend some childbirth classes so that you’ll feel more prepared for your baby’s delivery. You can also try to check your family’s medical history. Try to talk to your doctors about any problems within your family, like any incidences or birth defects perhaps.

Take Your Prenatal Vitamin

Get a prescription from your gynecologist to get the right prenatal vitamin for you. The prenatal vitamin helps develop your baby’s neural cord. This neural cord will, later on, become your baby’s brain and spinal cord. Prenatal vitamin usually consists of essential nutrients, like folic acid, calcium, and iron, which will your child’s development, especially on the first three months. If you feel a little bit nauseous after taking your vitamin, try chewing a gum or sucking on a hard candy to somehow help relieve the pain. You may also try taking them at night or after a light snack.

Get Some Well-Deserved Rest

It’s quite normal to feel fatigue when you’re pregnant. This usually happens during the first trimester of your pregnancy as much of your energy is used to build a life-support system for your baby. During this crucial first three months of your pregnancy is probably the most important part of your prenatal period and can be very exhausting. That’s why you need to a much-needed rest every once in a while. Try to pace yourself and listen to your body. Don’t do too many activities as this can strain your body.

Cut-off Some Vices

We all know that smoking is bad for your health, but it does more damage when you’re pregnant. Studies show that smoking increases the risk of premature delivery, miscarriage, and even development problems. This is because of dangerous chemicals that are in your cigarettes. If you can’t quit smoking, try to, at least, cut back. This will definitely help your child throughout your pregnancy. Caffeine consumption of more than 200 mg per day can also lead to some serious health issue with your baby. Caffeine makes it harder for your body to absorb Iron, which is badly needed especially when you’re pregnant. It’s also known to be a stimulant, making it harder for you to get sufficient rest, and may contribute to heartburn as well.

Regularly Do Some Light Exercises

You don’t have to go to the gym to active. You can do some regular exercises right inside your home. Doing some light physical activities like Pilates, yoga, swimming, and even just walking can help you stay fit. Studies show that pregnant women who regularly exercise are less prone to back pain, have more energy, have positive body image, and has a higher tendency to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape than those who doesn’t.

Be Careful With What You Eat

You need an extra 25 grams of protein per day added to the to the 45-gram protein diet before you got pregnant. This will ensure that both you and your baby will get the nourishment that you need. It is also important that you avoid certain fish that may contain high levels of mercury as it can affect your child’s development.

Avoid Hazardous Chemicals

Remove any chemicals that can be hazardous to you and your baby’s health. This includes any cleaning products, pesticides, and even solvents that are found in your house. Also, try to change some habits such as cleaning up after your pets or scrubbing the bathroom to prevent any exposure to both chemicals and bacteria.

These are just some of the things that you need to remember in order to stay healthy during your pregnancy. Always remember to listen to your body and take a rest if needed. Mood swings can be considered normal, but any signs of depression or high level of anxiety might make you feel down for a couple of days. Share your feelings with your loved ones or even a caregiver to somehow lift your spirits up. Always remember that both you and your child’s holistic growth should be your topmost priority.

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